The Scoots

                                               It's a band.




We are The Scoots, a 2 piece band that plays music for our enjoyment (and hopefully yours too). Starting on Nevada day of 2011, Roo, Stefan and Calvin played a terrible show at a small venue. We don't speak of these times. 

But now we play stuff that is passable. We usually hit up the open mics around town and occasionally busk around town.

This is Roo. Don't let his curly hair and plaid shirts deceive you, this guy can rip up a ukulele and guitar like it's a present he got at his eighth birthday party at Chucky Cheese's. Also he sings n stuff.

This is Stefan. It may look like he is hitting a bass with his thumb, but in reality he is creating low tones so deep it's like exploring the edge of the universe and beyond. Don't worry, his bass is over 18.

Past Members

Calvin Jones: Percussion from 2011-2013